George Jones appointed to the latest Procure Plus Framework

We are delighted to announce that George Jones has been appointed to the Procure Plus nationwide framework for Painting and Prepaint Repair works. This marks a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to deliver exceptional services across the social housing sector and beyond.
27th July 2023

Celebrating a New Chapter

George Jones has always been committed to transforming spaces with quality, expertise, and integrity. Being reappointed to the Procure Plus Framework is a tremendous opportunity that reinforces our standing as a leading maintenance contractor in the UK.

About Procure Plus

Procure Plus is a national procurement body focused on delivering cost-effective, quality-driven solutions for social housing repairs and maintenance. With frameworks totalling over £3.6 billion, the organisation has its sight set on enhancing the efficiency of public sector construction, including projects in social housing, schools, and offices. The framework allows for a wide range of services, from roofing and electrical work to whole property renovations and, of course, painting and pre-paint repair works.

Our Role in the Framework

Within the framework, George Jones will offer comprehensive Painting and Prepaint Repair services. Our contractors are equipped to handle a variety of needs, matching the Procure Plus commitment to providing high standards of installation, repair, and maintenance services across different sectors.

A Focus on Social Housing and Beyond

Our reappointment to the Procure Plus framework aligns seamlessly with our emphasis on social housing. Procure Plus aims to deliver not only cost savings but also a high standard of goods and materials. This commitment to quality and social value dovetails with our own, allowing us to contribute positively to communities through investment and job creation.

What This Means for George Jones

Continuing our selection on the Procure Plus framework enables us to further expand our geographical reach and service offerings. We can continue to expand and bring our quality painting and pre-paint repair works to a broader audience, encompassing not just social housing, but also educational institutions and other public sector buildings.


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