Fire Risk Assessment

George Jones delivers top-quality, FIRAS and BM Trada approved fire risk assessments for social housing. Safety, precision, and effective communication are our priorities

George Jones are a FIRAS and BM Trada approved contractor delivering fire risk assessment maintenance projects for social housing and local authorities across the UK. These works are carried out by our own qualified, directly employed personnel who are supremely trained, qualified and experienced in delivering projects of this nature. Delivering contracts such as these, ensure the safety and well-being of residents. Particularly in areas of multiple occupation giving them the confidence that a contractor such as ourselves can install and certify works following regulations and guidance to the highest degree, whilst implementing our own processes to further secure their safety. Our expertise encompasses:

Expertise in fire safety regulations: We hold a deep understanding of fire safety regulations and standards to ensure that all installations meet or exceed compliance requirements. Knowledge of current building codes and regulations, as well as industry best practices, is essential in ensuring clients and residents alike have confidence that a competent contractor can complete works meeting all necessary regulations and in line with current guidelines.

Accreditation and certifications: Certification from third-party accrediting bodies, such as FIRAS and BM Trada, demonstrates a contractor's commitment to quality and compliance. These organisations independently assess and verify a contractor's capabilities, giving clients added confidence in their abilities. George Jones hold accreditations for Timber Fire Door Installations, Composite Fire Door Installations and Fire Door Maintenance.

Experience in social housing projects: Experience in the social housing sector is crucial for a contractor to understand the unique needs and requirements of this industry. Social housing projects often require additional planning and coordination to minimise disruption to tenants and ensure project deadlines are met, we know what it takes to do this having completed projects across the UK often in challenging environments.

Attention to detail: Fire doors are a critical element in a building's fire protection system, and it is imperative that they are installed correctly. We pay attention to every detail, from ensuring the correct hardware is used to the installation process itself. A thorough and meticulous approach to fire door installation ensures that the system performs as intended and provides maximum protection to building occupants, allowing them the protection required as per their occupancy.

Effective communication: Communication is key to any successful project, and this is particularly true for fire door installations in social housing stock. Contractors must be able to communicate effectively with clients, housing associations, local authorities, and tenants to ensure all parties are informed of the project's progress and any potential disruptions. We utilise the latest technology with operatives equipped with cutting edge tech at their disposal allowing them to keep clients, residents and various other stakeholders up to date simultaneously.

Health and safety: Health and safety are paramount when it comes to fire door installations. A successful contractor must have robust health and safety policies and procedures in place to minimise risks to their workers and the building occupants. They must also be able to demonstrate compliance with all relevant legislation, including the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. Thorough inductions, toolbox talks and training are all given fro start to finish on every project, and adjusted bespoke to suit each project in hand.

We hold a deep understanding of fire safety regulations, relevant accreditation and certifications, and a depth of experience in social housing projects, demonstrating attention to detail, effective communication, and a strong commitment to health and safety throughout. By prioritising these factors, we can deliver high-quality installations that provide maximum protection to building occupants while minimising disruption to tenants and clients alike.

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