Residential Care

Specialists in improving residential care environments with services like decorating, repairs, and more. Trained for complex needs, ensuring minimum disruption and enhanced ambiance.

Residential care refers to a type of long-term care that is provided to people who are unable to live independently at home and are therefore in a safe and supportive environment with ongoing care and support. Some patients in the care sector can have complex and unique needs, which require specialised training, equipment, and support.

We can offer work such as decorating, uPVC replacements, minor timber repairs, etc.

A care home operator may want to make changes or updates to the facility in order to improve the living environment for residents, or to meet changing regulations or standards. We can help to implement these changes by painting or refreshing the relevant areas of the facility. Any construction work in this environment can cause issues such as noise, dust

Working with the relevant personnel we can create a specific atmosphere or ambiance within the facility, such as a calming or soothing environment. We can help to achieve this by selecting and applying paint colours and finishes that are appropriate for the desired mood or theme.

We have dedicated painters with vast experience who have undertaken specialist training for working in and around these complex environments.

Through working closely with relevant Property Managers we are able to carry out works with minimum disruption. We are always able to work within regular routines, ensuring it is carried out safely and kept tidy at all times.

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