George Jones Appointed to the Latest Fusion21 Framework

We are thrilled to announce that George Jones has been successfully appointed to four lots on the prestigious Fusion21 Painting, Decorating and Associated Repairs Framework. This marks a monumental step forward in our commitment to delivering high-quality painting and decorating services across a wide range of sectors.
31st March 2023

A Milestone Worth Celebrating

The Fusion21 Framework is a significant public procurement initiative worth up to £800 million over four years. Being reappointed to this framework not only stands as a testament to our quality, reliability, and professionalism, but also opens doors to new opportunities for us to make a meaningful impact.

George Jones continues to be part of four key lots in the Fusion21 Framework

Social Housing Sector: Where our passion lies, we continue to aim for excellence in transforming community living spaces.
Education Sector: Ensuring that our schools and educational institutions provide an inspiring atmosphere for learning.
Health Sector: A commitment to maintaining calming and hygienic environments for both healthcare providers and patients.
Wider Public Sector: Engaging with a multitude of public buildings to bring them up to the highest standards of aesthetics and safety.

Geographic Reach

What sets the Fusion21 Framework apart is its granular focus on geographical requirements. Each of the above lots is further divided into eight distinct regions across the UK, including the North West, South East, London, and more. This nuanced approach allows us to extend our services in a way that meets the specific needs of communities on a regional basis.

A Commitment to Quality and Integrity

Our reappointment to the Fusion21 Framework is a result of our commitment to continuously improve, embracing new technology along the way, whilst always putting our customers first.

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