Our Values

Behavioural Values

Competencies we value. We realise that competent, capable people are key to the performance of our successful business. We recruit and promote individuals who can demonstrate our DNA.

The competencies set out the performance standards required in the business. We encourage our employees to use their natural talents and experience to develop all of the competencies throughout their career with us.


Our employees have a clear vision of where to go and have the ability to achieve their goals. George Jones encourage them to experience their vision our employees have great communication skills which generate trust and


George Jones employees are highly skilled at getting others committed to our goals. We are enthusiastic in our work and we encourage creativity and understand the needs of the stakeholders.

Team Spirit

George Jones employees think about “we” not me working together. Going above and beyond what is required to help colleagues and clients. We are prepared to take action to solve any issues.

Self Awareness

George Jones employees have empathy for clients, residents and others they get the best out of people by meeting them on their terms. We are great at building rapport with all stakeholders and constantly search for the best results.


George Jones employees are always striving to be the best and consistently delivering. We are high performers who bring high energy, making the right decisions to get the right results.


George Jones employees are relentless in our goals. We are excellent at solving problems and overcoming obstacles, seeing the challengers before other see them and taking action before they become a problem.

Technical Values

The George Jones Behaviour competency improve our business as a whole. George Jones employees have these traits when they do well at work. Also, these core competencies are important signs of a successful employee. We also utilise measurable competency models for behavioural competency assessments in the below ways.


George Jones employees are always thinking about health, safety and the environment. We are actively seeking understanding of HSE policies or legislations, taking responsibility of the health, safety and well-being of others within the boundaries of their job roles and responsibilities.

IT Proficiency

George Jones employees use modern information and technology to work more efficiently and provide the best possible solutions to our stakeholders. We develop their skills, embracing innovation providing feedback to improve efficiencies within our organisation.


George Jones employees strive to meet the expectations set by our clients. We do this by understanding strategies, working in a collaboration manner with all our clients to understanding their requirements and embracing their needs.

Quality Compliance

George Jones employees understand the company's quality systems and relevant policies and procedures, being compliant in every aspect of their duties, following them to avoid errors and develop when we chance to


George Jones employees work together in a professional environment where everyone are fairly treated and value their opinions. We have specialist knowledge in our fields and keep this knowledge up-to-date.

Efficient Communication

George Jones employees provide clear and relevant communication to colleagues, clients and stakeholders. We do this in accordance with Company guidelines.

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