Salvation Army Volunteering

Working with a local charity near our Sittingbourne office, one of our Supervisors provided decorating tutorage to a number of young adults.

The class helped to decorate large parts of the internal of a Salvation Army building over the course of 8 weeks, where we put on two sessions a week.

We were proud to help provide young people with practical trade skills that are in demand in the construction and maintenance industries. In addition, we have helped to develop transferable skills such as teamwork, time management, communication, and attention to detail. These skills can be valuable in various aspects of life, including future careers and personal endeavours.

When young people see the results of their work in revitalising buildings, they gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. Additionally, painting projects in their communities can enhance the aesthetics of public spaces, contribute to a sense of community pride, and promote positive engagement with their surroundings.

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