University Building, Lancashire

Working collaboratively with our Client, we were able to successfully decorate a large, complex building without the need for traditional scaffolding. All works were carried out off cherry pickers which produced a large cost saving for the Client.

We were approached by an existing Client to decorate the external of a large five storey building in the North-West. This had numerous complications with the structure being a busy university building, as well as intricate architectural details and hard-to-reach areas. Typically, scaffolding is the go-to method for accessing such heights. However, the project team recognised that using cherry pickers could offer several advantages.

Firstly, cherry pickers are highly manoeuvrable and can reach even the most challenging spots with ease. This eliminated the need for complex scaffold structures, reducing setup time and labour costs significantly. Furthermore, cherry pickers could be positioned quickly, increasing overall productivity.

Perhaps the most compelling benefit, though, was the cost savings. Cherry pickers reduced labour expenses, as fewer workers were needed for setup and operation. Additionally, the project was completed in a shorter timeframe, minimising disruptions to the University and further reducing indirect costs associated with the project's duration.

In the end, the decision to use cherry pickers for this external painting project proved to be a wise one. It saved the Client both time and money while ensuring the safety and quality of the work. This successful approach demonstrated the importance of exploring innovative solutions to achieve cost-effective and efficient project outcomes in the construction and maintenance industry.

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