Stamford Brook Mansions

George Jones successfully completed a comprehensive refurbishment project at Stanford Brook Mansions in Chiswick, West London. The scheme included twenty flats and involved window repairs, brickwork renovations, and external decorations. A collaborative approach with the client and a detailed window survey resulted in significant cost savings by opting for window repairs over full replacement.

The Challenge

Stamford Brook Mansions, a scheme comprising twenty flats in Chiswick, was in need of significant upkeep. The property had aged windows requiring immediate attention, deteriorating brickwork, and a rear block area in need of resurfacing. The key question was whether to repair or replace the numerous timber windows, which had significant implications on both the cost and timeline of the project.

The Solution

In close collaboration with the client, George Jones undertook a meticulous window survey to assess the most practical and cost-effective approach for the property's requirements. The decision was made to:

  • Repair and re-glaze the existing windows, retaining their original character while ensuring they met modern standards.
  • Conduct comprehensive brickwork repairs and decorations to revitalise the overall appearance of the block.
  • Renew the tarmac at the rear of the block to improve both the function and appearance of communal outdoor spaces.

The Implementation

Window Repairs and Re-Glazing: Specialised teams conducted necessary repairs to restore the windows to their former glory, including re-glazing where necessary.
Brickwork Repairs: Brickwork was cleaned, repaired, and repointed, bringing a renewed look and structural integrity to the building.
External Decorations: All external areas were carefully decorated to complement the renovated windows and brickwork.
Tarmac Renewal: The rear block area was resurfaced with new, durable tarmac, enhancing the quality of the communal outdoor space.


The project achieved several significant outcomes:

Cost-Effectiveness: By opting for repairs rather than full window replacements, substantial costs were saved, in line with the client's budgetary requirements.
Enhanced Aesthetics: The repairs and decorations significantly improved the visual appeal of Stanford Brook Mansions, bringing a modern touch to a classic structure.
Increased Property Value: The overall improvements contributed to an increase in both the aesthetic and monetary value of the property.


The Stamford Brook Mansions project illustrates George Jones's commitment to delivering top-quality, cost-effective solutions. By taking a consultative approach and working closely with the client, we were able to make informed decisions that resulted in both financial savings and a significant upgrade to the property's overall appearance and value.

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