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Whilst carrying out decorating works at a Care Home in Kent, two residents seemed very interested in what was going on, so with the permission of the Scheme Manager we discussed to see if we could facilitate the two residents helping in decorating the communal hallway.

We arranged for them to work alongside our decorator for a day. They were given painting overalls, equipment to do the job and instruction on how to safely complete the painting tasks. This proved a resounding success with them being eager volunteers and willing to get their hands dirty, all under the guidance of a George Jones decorator. The works were completed to a good standard and all those involved were impressed with the results.

Below is from the Scheme Manager.

“The residents take great pride in their home and how it looks. They had been looking forward to having the communal areas decorated as they had already made a start on the lounge. They had been supported to create a feature wall around the fireplace.

They chose colours for the hallway, lounge, and bathroom with staff support. A multi-coloured theme was chosen for the hallway with a different colour for outside each bedroom. This was to brighten up an otherwise dull, dark space and gives people a sense of their own area. Their bedroom doors would become the door to their personal space.

They are both proud of what they achieved and like to show visitors their work.

Everyone who has visited has said how bright and cheerful it now looks and how homely it feels.”

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