Mixed Use Scheme

In a scheme located in Southport, George Jones successfully revitalised twenty-three residential properties built around 2010, addressing long-standing issues related to external timber cladding and general decoration.

The Challenge

The properties, which consisted of both houses and flats, featured timber double-glazed windows, doors, and external cladding. Over time, these elements had deteriorated, causing the overall appearance to become less than desirable. This led to persistent complaints from tenants who were unhappy with the state of their living conditions. One of the critical discussions that emerged was whether to repair or entirely replace the existing windows, a question that had significant cost implications for the client.

The Solution

After careful evaluation, George Jones recommended a route that would meet the client's budgetary concerns without compromising on quality—repairing instead of replacing. We focused on:

  • Repairing all existing windows to ensure durability and better insulation.
  • Rejuvenating the external timber cladding that was showing significant wear.
  • General external decoration to bring a fresh look to the scheme.
  • The Implementation

Window Repairs: Specialised teams were deployed to assess and repair the double-glazed windows, ensuring airtight seals and optimal functionality.
Cladding Restoration: The external timber cladding was treated, repaired, and repainted to offer an improved aesthetic and longer lifespan.
General Decoration: A tasteful palette was chosen to elevate the appearance of the entire scheme, providing a more pleasant environment for the tenants.


The completion of the project yielded immediate positive outcomes:

Customer Satisfaction: There have been zero customer complaints since the work was completed, showcasing the effectiveness of the refurbishment.
Financial Savings: By opting for repairs over replacement, the client saved approximately £40,000.
Visual Impact: The entire scheme now boasts a much-improved visual aesthetic, aligning with both the tenants’ expectations and the client's vision.


The Southport mixed-use scheme serves as a testament to George Jones' commitment to providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions that satisfy both tenants and clients. The project not only resolved long-standing issues but also demonstrated how strategic decision-making could result in substantial savings without sacrificing quality.

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