Large Residential Scheme

We have recently completed works on a large building in Peckham, London. This was a complex project due to the nature of repairs that were required.

We have recently completed works on a large building in Peckham, London. With over 80 units across three blocks, this building proved to be quite complex due to the nature of the repairs works required, in addition to the seven storeys which required decorating – including a large courtyard.

Firstly, attention to detail characterised every phase of the project, from initial assessments to the final touches. We were able to draw upon our expertise to devise a comprehensive plan tailored to the client's specifications and the unique challenges posed by the building and its busy, urban surroundings.

Secondly, the seamless coordination between our team and the client played a pivotal role. Constant communication and a proactive approach ensured that any hurdles were swiftly addressed, minimising delays and maximising efficiency. For example, areas of the external cladding were cleaned by utilising a cherry picker in lieu of scaffolding – which resulted in a significant saving for the Client.

The project's success can be attributed to the exceptional craftsmanship demonstrated by our decorators and joiners. Their skilful execution, coupled with adherence to stringent safety protocols, resulted in a high quality finish that exceeded client expectations.

Ultimately, it was the combination of meticulous planning, effective communication, skilled craftsmanship, and commitment to client satisfaction that ensured the delivery of this project.

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